Student Health A-Team


 Vision Statement

Connecting students and their families to services and solutions to build the pathways necessary for a better tomorrow.


 A-Team Updates

The Student Health Alignment Team had their first tactical plan approved by the Operating Board on December 12th. The tactic would align existing and new resources and services in a convenient hub making access easier for those students most in need. Imagine being able to visit a counselor, have a dental cleaning, access a food and clothing pantry and more all in one building? Data tells us that the reason many of our students don't get the help they need is because of access. Peoria Public Schools, with Alignment Peoria's support, wants to change that narrative.

To learn more about how such centers have worked in other school systems, please view the video below from the Marietta, Georgia Center for Student Success.

Following the Alignment process, the next step is the extension of an ITP, Invitation to Participate. The Invitation to Participate and Community Meetings for the Student Wraparound Services Center will occur in early 2018, so stay tuned!


Student Health A-Team Members

Derrick Booth, Co-Chair, Peoria Public Schools District 150

Andrea Parker, Co-Chair, Hult Center for Healthy Living

Melissa Adamson, Peoria City/ County Health Department

Casey Ahmad, Peoria Public Schools District 150

Lynne Anderson-Loy, Peoria Public Schools District 150

Renee Andrews, Peoria Public Schools District 150

Ross Black, City of Peoria

Tom Blumer, Peoria Public Schools District 150

Beth Crider-Derry, Regional Office of Education

Angel Cruz, Peoria Police Department

Daniel Duncan, Peoria Police Department

Brett Elliott, Peoria Public Schools District 150

Martha Ewan-Skorczewski, Peoria Public Schools District 150

Gigi Gibson, Southside Mission

Tom Hammerton, OSF Healthcare Foundation

Nancy Hinnen, United Way

Brittany Ott, Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery

Dan Philips, First United Methodist

Pamela Rumba, Common Place

Eileen Setti, Methodist College of Nursing

Marwin Spiller, Illinois Central College

Karen Stephan, Hartland Health Services

Aaron Watkins, Peoria Police Department

Bill Winkler, Peoria Charter Coach

Catalina Zavala, Friendship House