College and Career Readiness


 Vision Statement

Educate all PPS students guided career discovery with the skills necessary to contribute to the betterment of Peoria and the world.


 A-Team Updates 

The Alignment College and Career Readiness team presented their first plans to the Operating Board on December 12. The tactical plans will help align all the school district's and community's current career exploration programming in grades K-8 while enhancing the current offerings. Adding in much needed essential (soft) skills and career pathway specific vocabulary will increase the impact of the work already underway.

Keep an eye out in the months to come for more information on the launch of an ITP and details about how your organization can help.

College and Career Readiness A-Team Members

Clint Drury, Co-Chair, West Central Illinois Building Trades

Tom Welsh, Co-Chair, Peoria Public Schools District 150

Andre Allen, Methodist College

Brent Baker, Peoria Pathways to Prosperity

Susan Berry Brill de Rameriz, Bradley University

Ann Bond, Peoria Public School District 150

Meredith Bunch, Midstate College

Sandra Burke, Peoria Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity

Emily Cahill, Peoria Park District

Cookie Cealey, Peoria Public School District 150

Judy Dietrich, Illinois Central College

Hedy Elliott, Peoria Public School District 150

Adrian Garcia, First United Methodist

Ellen George, Illinois Central College

Matt George, Children's Home

Susan Grzanich, Peoria Public School District 150

Alycia Hightower, CEFCU

Jill Johnson, RLI Corp.

Chris Kendall, PERFECT

Katie Kim, The Kim Group

Michael Kuhn, Peoria Public School District 150

Jared Lucas, Peoria Public School District 150

Dr. George McKenna, Regional Office of Education

Dr. Leslie McKnight, City of Peoria

Trish O'Shaughnessy, Peoria Public Schools Foundation

Joan Pentecost, Peoria Public School District 150

Mary Pille, Junior Achievement

Mike Rhodes, Peoria Public School District 150

Sid Ruckriegel, Peoria City Council

Don Shafer, Heartland Bank