The READ Peoria! Slide into Summer Pilot is designed to prevent summer reading loss.   

Let’s get our entire community to promote literacy! 

Studies show that summer reading loss can result in economically disadvantaged students falling 2.5 to 3 years behind. For many children, summer means vacation, barbeque, swimming, camps, and bikes riding with friends.  While, these activities  provide many physical benefits  for youngsters, most kids engagement in academic skill building is minimal, resulting in profound effects on achievement. We want to encourage all young readers to open up a book or other reading material for at least 20 minutes a day.   

Align Peoria is pleased to launch its newest initiative in collaboration with over  30 partnering organizations helping local youth prevent summer reading loss. Community stakeholders throughout the Greater Peoria Area have united with one goal in mind.  Let's get our entire community to promote literacy!

We invite you to become a host site for promoting the Slide Into Summer Reading Pilot!  There are a number of ways your organization can participate including the following:

  • Post on your organization's website that you are a supporter and use our hashtag!
  • Have your employees read children’s books and record it!  Put the video on your social media for a “story hour!”
  • Post our poster in a public area.
  • Launch day is June 1st, 2019, your organization can provide the following giveaways:
  • Crayons and other writing materials
  • Notepads
  • Bookmarks
  • Host a book basket in any waiting area that might have young children waiting.
  • Copy our materials to distribute to any of your clients or customers or parishioners.
  • Know where the closest library is so that you can refer families to its location! 
  • Host story time!

Become a sponsor. There are several ways your organization can help support our initiative including the following:

  • Incentives (movie passes, museum, tickets, technology, kid bikes, gift cards)
  • Food/ Refreshments (Kick-off day)
  • Printed Material (bags, banners)
  • Event Sponsor (kick-off party)
  • Adopt a Little Free Library
  • Sponsor a bycycle for a youth 
  • Billboards
  • T-shirts
  • Toolkit packaging, Table top/pop ups
  • Sponsor Banner
  • Video/ infomercials
  • Yard Signs
  • Website design




      4/15            ITP Releases

4/25            Community Meeting 3:30-4:00 pm (Peoria Public Library/downtown branch lower level 2)

4/26            Community Meeting 10-10:30 am (Peoria Public Library/downtown branch lower 2)

5/25            ITP Deadline

5/30            ITP Follow-Up

6/1-7/23      Pilot Runs

6/1              Slide into Summer Kick-off Party (Lakeview Library 11-1 pm)

7/23            Close out of Summer Program Celebration (Riverfront Museum)


You're invited to join in our efforts as we work to get EVERY CHILD reading at grade level by 3rd grade.  How exciting it would be for families to go to different places throughout Peoria and a common message is being shared:

Read 20 minutes a day with your child!

Note: You must have an active portal account and be connected to an organization to view the form and submit responses. If you already have an account and need help accessing it, email Align Peoria Office.




Slide into Summer Reading Pilot ITP Slide into Summer Reading Pilot ITP